Dangers of internet/online dating

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This (Unlawful Possession of ID) case is pending and I am not allowed to discuss details of it. I had fully rebounded and was doing very well and then hit a brief challenging patch.All I can say if that I did not take or use any ones identification illegally, have the documentation to support that and look forward to getting my opportunity to prove that… So now to be classified as this guy who is online prowling for women to get money from, when in every other relationship I have been in, I have been the one, buying the gifts, spending the money, taking care of their expenses – and I would advise you to speak with these women before you run your story for some semblance of balance – just leaves me speechless but again, I know how all this came about and why.” How this happened can happen to anyone, according to research we found.“the sites are set up that make you believe you can let your guard down,” said Daniel Kirschner, an attorney in Chicago who represented a woman in a lawsuit against an online dating site.Arrest Affidavit for Curtis Coats - March 2016 by kvuenews on Scribd The KVUE Defenders looked into Coats’ history.The Defenders found a 2013 theft charge in Dallas, a Fraudulent Use of Identification charge that was reported by Ronda Kent, and a 2015 felony theft charge in Travis County.He called the money used from Davis a "loan."An emailed statement Coats said in part:“I’ll start by saying that this is personally insulting to me, to be held up as an example of the dangers of online dating.I am not now, nor have I ever been a danger to anyone…They will share how they were spoiled, pampered, received gifts and money from me not the other way around…Not sure what the eviction cases have to do with online dating dangers, except to further try to paint me as a monster but you have eviction cases from more than 5 years ago and others that were solved between the landlord and myself.

There are multiple women I can share their contact information with you who will attest to the opposite.Online dating changes the psychology in how we date, according to Eli Finkle a researcher from Northwestern University.“One of the major assumptions is that we can look at online profiles and discern who is compatible,” said Finkle in an online video about his research.Those assumptions can make us skip important get-to-know-you steps.“It’s been a living hell for me.The KVUE Defenders found the dangers show in many forms.While getting hurt may be part of the dating game, Ronda Kent said her last online match was too much.“You think you have found the right person.

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You site an eviction in Dallas, TX that took place in 2012 that was caused by a work transfer and the birth of my new son.

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