Diy updating an old trunks

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If the old nails won’t hold, replace them with new nails or screws.

Lid stays -- the folding brackets inside the trunk that hold the lid in place when the trunk is open -- should be in good shape.

Use a drill or nail-punch to make pilot holes slightly smaller than the screws to be used to attach the new stay.The paste-wax coating will improve the piece’s appearance and protect the surface from spills.My ideas so far have been to sand out the X and paint the box.I didn’t want these tables to just go to anyone, after all, they were very special to me so they had to go to someone that was also very special to me. I knew they would be fine with her, and she would love them just as much as I did.To my surprise, when she came to visit about a year later, she brought these sweet little side tables to me in the back of her truck.

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We all have one or two (or ten) pieces of furniture that we absolutely love, and never want to part with.

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