Fast love dating

Posted by / 01-Sep-2017 15:49

Although the space lady didn't want to see me again I met up with a couple of the others and had good times with both.

I was relieved to have made a much better impression and was confident that I'd secure some matches, hopefully with the lovely spacelady.

There are many positives to being on a dating fast for a first-year missionary at The Culture Project. I am free to love because I have chosen to be obedient to the commitment that I made.

I have chosen to love each person for who they are.

I refuse to love someone because of what they can give me.

Being on a dating fast isn’t keeping me away from love; it is helping me to love in a better and more authentic way.

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I soon realised that this was the least of my difficulties. Not that they were all movie star, model types, but they had clearly all made a real effort for the evening, not least my friends, who I swore were more than a little smug to find me looking dishevelled, scruffy and generally worse for wear.

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