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Higashiya online dating

Then, (at fourth orbit) the beam is used in FEL, and then is decelerated four times.

At the second orbit (20 Me V) we have bypass with third FEL.

The BESIII detector was moved to the Interaction Region (IR) on May 6, 2008.

In accordance to the progress of construction, the beam commissioning of BEPCII is carried out in 3 phases: Phase 1, with conventional magnets instead of the superconducting insertion magnets (SIM’s)n in the IR; Phase 2, with SIM’s in the IR; Phase 3, joint commissioning with the detector.

The ERLs are now considered a promising candidate for uses as high-power FELs, synchrotron radiation sources, electron cooling devices, electron-ion colliders and Compton X/gamma-ray sources.

All these applications are based on the excellent feature of the ERL that is simultaneous attainment of multiple beam parameters: small emittance, short bunch duration and high-average current.

The 2007 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science had as one of its highest recommendations the “construction of a Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) a world-leading facility for the study of nuclear structure, reactions, and astrophysics.

When magnets of bypass are switched on, the beam passes through this FEL.

The length of bypass is chosen to provide the delay, which necessary to have deceleration instead of acceleration at the third passage through accelerating cavities.

The first stage of Novosibirsk high power free electron laser (FEL) is in operation since 2003.

Now the FEL provides average power up to 500 W in the wavelength range 120 - 240 micron.

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