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If the LPEP is successful in assassinating another one of its targets, it could garner enough publicity to more effectively expand its operations, perhaps even to establish a base in Mexico City. Television images from helicopters overhead showed residents repeatedly punching and kicking the semiconscious officer even after he had been put inside an ambulance. The increasing violence of the LPEP faction should warrant more precaution from foreign tourists, however, just in case the EPR-LPEP begins kidnapping people for political reasons. Benitez said, as did a spokesman for the Federal Preventative Police, that a federal police agent was also beaten to death. Enrique Pena Nieto called television stations to say the officer remained hospitalized in serious condition. Lopez Obrador, Ortega and Batiz stopped short of claiming the Reforma report is false. At least three dozen police officers were injured, according to media reports. Federal District chief prosecutor Bernardo Batiz said "not a single crime" in Mexico City has been attributed to the EPR. terriblemente a los aztecas y b) la presencia del numeroso ej? Officials said it was a gesture of good will since all of the officers were injured in the clashes. n entre sus procuradores (Daniel Cabeza de Vaca y Alberto R. El informe refiere que la PGR tiene registro de que los c? Confirming the EPR's active presence in the federal district could be pitched as a sign of weakness that renders Lopez Obrador unfit for the presidency. El profesor dice que las macanas usadas en la guerra contra los invasores eran las mismas usadas en la guerra florida, y que s? The killings appear to be revenge for the officers' part in a gunfight some months earlier between police and suspected gang members, in which four suspects were killed. profundizar los alcances del combate contra los narcotraficantes. sicamente existen seis zonas por las que se trasladan de manera cotidiana diversos vol? Between now and the 2006 elections both the PAN and PRI repeatedly will seek to bring Lopez Obrador's political star down by linking him to corruption or portraying him as a weak leader. Esto, a pesar de los caballos, las armas de fuego y las armaduras. The officers' bodies were found miles away, wrapped in plastic sheeting and duct tape. Separately, Public Security Secretary Joel Ortega denied that his office had written a 21-page report -- on which the Reforma article allegedly was based -- claiming that the EPR is actively recruiting and raising funds in Mexico City's poor slums, and has staged bank robberies and kidnappings in the capital. Shortly before midnight, community leaders released six state and federal police officers they had taken hostage hours earlier. Mexico City residents and visitors face far greater threats from ordinary criminals and corrupt cops than from EPR militants. Manuel Lopez Obrador has denied a report in the Mexico City daily Reforma that says cells of the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) militant group are operating in Mexico City, saying there is "no evidence" of such activity. A tense calm settled over the town after dark, though residents continued to block nearby highways.

como algunos de menor importancia que operan en el centro y sur del pa? The report also states that the EPR is raising funds by carrying out ransom kidnappings and bank robberies in the Federal District. The gruesome discovery came nearly three weeks after two police officers were beheaded in the resort city of Acapulco. Por otra parte, funcionarios de la PGR consultados por este diario indicaron que Jos? The report makes no mention of this particular incident, although some news media had hinted that police officers in the area had the EPR under surveillance in the area at the time. Guau a todos, sobre la ley de posesion de droga en cantidades peque? The alleged Public Security Secretariat document reportedly was prepared several days after two undercover police officers were beaten and burned to death in a poor Mexico City neighborhood by an angry mob that mistook the police officers for child kidnappers. Nuevo Laredo, a city of 330,000 across from Laredo, Texas, has been caught in a turf war between rival drug gangs fighting for billion-dollar smuggling routes into the United States. 1, about 100 people, including eight police officers, have been slain in the city, compared to 23 during the same period last year. blica) de obtener el apoyo necesario para combatir al narcotr? Otro de los fines buscados por la dependencia federal es incrementar la cercan? n de justicia estatales y municipales, lo que permitir? President Vicente Fox's National Action Party (PAN) and the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) have a strong interest in undermining Lopez Obrador's electoral prospects. A red cardboard sign that read, "So you learn some respect," was taped on the wall nearby. xico, en tanto que los otros dos son compartidos por c? Lopez Obrador and his leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) are seen as leading contenders to win the presidency of Mexico in the 2006 national elections. His lawyer's severed head was hung from an archway that serves as one of the entrances to Aguaje. On April 20, the heads of two police officers were left in front of a government building in Acapulco's La Garita neighborhood, mere blocks from the resort town's tourist strip.

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