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Beth comes in, annoyed that Kirk's not with the others, and Ty says Kirk was helping him. Craig reminds Beth she had said that she did not know where Darryl was. She admits to being a coward and not wanting to ruin everything.

Leanne comes in - Nick says Liz asked how Gail felt about the baby. Kirk's back from his toilet dash and is in the garage. Ty can't believe they're on strike - he asks what the union would say if they said they had been watching a film when they were meant to be grafting. Back at Craig's Tim, Faye and Kev decide to leave gracefully, followed by Chesney and Sinead. He has been in prison for as long as Beth can remember. She was scared that Craig would hate her for taking him away from Craig - she shopped him in the first place. Nick is getting his head around Leanne not telling him so many times that Steve was the father.

Nick and Leanne talk about baby names, such as Tiberius. And she knows he loves her and she does not give a monkey about anything else. Nick does not answer before we break for some adverts.

Jenny arrives and Sean tells her they're staying outside the factory until they know who snitched. She's surprised - she didn't realise they were serious about the strike. She wants him to apologise for threatening to throw him out. "I meant two." "You'll have two," Steve points out. In view of the earlier announcement in front of Steve Nick reckons that Steve is laughing his head off. Leanne assures Nick that he will be the baby's father.

Beth and Kirk are back home with a crowd singing Happy Birthday to Craig. It was fine, which is a bit annoying because she'd picked out some nice frames. Liz asks to see Steve - the juke box is playing up. Nick calls Leanne Carla while they're doing dishes. She doesn't want to pretend he wasn't happy with Carla. " Because she didn't have a one-night stand with a stranger - she had one with Steve, she tells him. The end Margaret Carr This is episode 8982 and it was written by Ella Greenhill, the director was Menhaj Huda. Bethany is being bullied again as she comes out of the loser's class. (Remember this is the confident girl who waltzed on to the Street some months ago and was getting free drinks in the Rovers and so on when she arrived). Lauren tells her that no-one punches her and gets away with it.

Izzy says it's difficult to work with someone who reports back on their activities. Johnny says this is nothing to do with any of them. Johnny orders them back on the machines "or you're out permanently." Aidan says their jobs are safe but to get back to work. Steve doesn't want an eye test with someone five inches from your face in the dark. His application has been rejected due to his failure to declare a relative's criminal conviction. She tells him the juke box was just another lie - "Chuck it on the pile with the rest of the lies." But she tells him he and Michelle are good together. Is she saying she realises he can't lose that relationship?

" Leanne is in the pub, annoyed that Liz talked to Nick about the baby. But me, the actual grandma - why should I go along with all your lies, miss out? Leanne says Steve's right - "Stay out of it because you're driving everybody mad." The workers have lots of questions for Jenny and Johnny.

And Janice Battersby - imagine her knitting bootees. Liz says she doesn't know who to feel more sorry for - Nick or Michelle.

Kate suggests that Aidan moves in with her if he cannot face being with Eva he could say she is struggling with the rent, but Aidan knows that Eva will not swallow that.

Eva appears in the door of the factory office with Aidan sunk in thought.

She gives him a shoulder rub and he says Johnny has no respect for him.

She was worried about Nick at the time because things were weird between them.

She says it was a one-off and will never happen again.

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He offers her chips but worried about her miniscule figure alleges that Gran has made her tea. They part and coming the other way are Tim and Faye worried about Craig.

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