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Sexy avatar chat

Only then will you now if you're really as handsome as your mum keeps saying.

If you’re physically attractive, the world simply treats you better. Do people react to the attractiveness of virtual people the same way they react to real people? Not only does attractiveness change how people treat you, but it also seems to change the way you behave.

If you’re attractive, you’re not only more likely to be able to strike up a conversation with a virtual stranger but more likely to make the effort in the first place.

The researchers examined this by creating four avatars, crossing gender and attractiveness: attractive male, unattractive male, attractive female, unattractive female.

This has important implications for virtual worlds research moving forward – assignment of avatars to participants cannot be done casually, as evidence suggests here that it may influence participant (trainee) behavior.

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This reflects something called the physical attractiveness stereotype – people lacking any other information tend to believe that beautiful people have traits that they (or their culture) find attractive.

Using a within-subjects design, each participant was placed in a location with lots of active users and asked to strike up conversations with strangers, with a total of 205 individual attempted interactions.It’s hard to say in this study precisely what aspect of attractiveness elicited the effect.Additionally, because default Second Life avatars were used as the “unattractive” option (i.e.Without more data, there’s no way to know precisely what those effects might be, however.The conclusion about female-specific behavior above (#5) is technically based on N=4.

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