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Im Not Afraid is so moving that I am almost compelled to tears every time I hear it. Fred Hammond is a true musician and has an amazing voice and this is a younger version of her for his voice is higher pitched given the fact he was smaller in stature at the time but the range of his voice is amazing.

Edited by AZI staff Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church will hold a special Easter Sunday service at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, the home of the Phoenix Suns NBA team, at 201 E. The service will be held Sunday, March 27 beginning at 10 a.m. Special guest, Grammy Award-winning gospel sensation Fred Hammond, will be performing at the service. According to Wikipedia, Hammond has been active both as a member of the gospel performing group Commissioned, and as a solo artist currently for Verity Records.

Fred who rose to fame after performing in Euro Trip, Anchorman and Cop Out worked with some renowned star casts including Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

He has worked in some movies like His personal life is also equally fascinating. Lyonne and Fred were also spotted posing and smiling at the premiere of .

So If you want some good music that was recorded years ago but sounds like it was just released on tuesday, buy this album and I guarrentee not warranty you'll love it.

The Hammond Museum of Radio got its start when museum founder Fred Hammond began collecting early radio and wireless artefacts at the age of 16.

The first public display of his collection was in a small building at the rear of his College Street home that originally housed his ham station. When in the early '70s, Hammond Manufacturing Company built a new plant on Guelph's Curtis Road, Fred made sure a 4,000 square foot area was reserved to house the 'Hammond Museum of Radio'.

That's why Pages of Life: Chapters 1&2 went platinum. All other artist were trying bacically the same music styles to get air play and sales.

Fred really relyed on his inner talent through his music to sell his product.

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Funk and worship are the two words that come to mind.